reiki session

A complementary therapy growing in popularity today, reiki is a “laying on of hands” Japanese technique for stress reduction and healing based on the principle of humans being surrounded by an unseen life giving energy.  In a reiki session, the client must be put in an open and receptive state to be able to accept the practitioner’s healing energies.  An effective tool to achieve this is ambient music, and having the best reiki music for every client can spell a difference in every session.


Having an environment where the client can relax and meditate properly is important, and music plays a huge role in making that environment work for every reiki session.  The criteria for the best reiki music in a session are that it can help the facilitator focus on working with healing energies and that it can help the client feel calm and relaxed throughout the whole process.  Music in reiki sessions is important because, if using the right kind of music, the client’s and the healer’s energies can tune with the melody’s energy and can improve energy flow and reception.  Also, choosing poor music for the sessions can result into blocked energy flow.


So what is the best reiki music one can get for a reiki session?  The truth is that there is no solid answer to that question.  Any client’s definition of the “best music” is affected by his or her own preference and style, so it is up to the healer to decide which choice will work best for the session.  Reiki specific soundtracks, melodies with reiki symbols incorporated through songs or chants, are available in the market.  But other kinds of sound, like those for meditation, nature sounds, popular music and even the human voice can be used for the session.


But to conclude, there is no real best reiki music for all situations.  As mentioned earlier, the right music for each person is individualized.  In the end, it is the practitioner’s responsibility to determine which music available is the most effective and which can only be distracting in the road of healing and spiritual enlightenment.


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