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People use many things to comprise holistic approach to the treatment of alcoholism. Holistic healing actually means the inclusion of alternative methods of treatment from the usual courses of medications and psychological counseling as practiced by the alcoholism treatment centers. Using Reiki, to yogic healing, forms of meditation, exercise and workout, chanting of shlokas and Vedic hymns are some kinds of alternative treatments.

The Basis of Reiki
Although it will not be easy to have Reiki as the sole way of healing in all the alcoholism treatment centers an attempt can certainly be made to incorporate its main principles and methodologies in the treatment of alcohol addiction and its effects on the functioning of the various body parts. The teachings of Reiki are never-ending. It can certainly be used as an inducing force to bring about a comprehensive healing. According to experts in the field Reiki as an art of healing can be learned under any qualified Reiki Master. Reiki attempts to bring about harmony in the functioning of all the three elements of the body, mind and spirit. At the alcoholism treatment centers a similar effect is attempted to be produced by the incorporation of concentration techniques and psychological counseling.
The Methods Followed in Reiki:
Reiki is defined by its practitioners as a spiritual form of touch therapy. Here the underlying principle is that the positive energy of the practitioner will flow through his hands on to the sick patients when they touch the ailing body part with their hands. Incorporation of Reiki in the treatment of alcoholism treatment centers will certainly help in treating the alcohol affected individuals. These persons have become devoid of sleep and rest due to the effects of intoxication. The practitioners of Reiki help in soothing the strained nerves of the alcoholic addicted individuals by providing a welcome relief from the regular routine of medications and other strong dosages.
Beliefs of Reiki:
It is believed that Reiki is enough to heal all kinds of ailment by touching only one part of the affected body of the individual. It is believed to start a flow of good and enlightening energy into the body of the alcohol addicts, which not only helps to heal their physical discomfort but also the orientation of their tired and alcohol affected minds. Experts believe that the practitioners of Reiki have a divine power of healing ailments just by touching them with their mere hands. This stems from the earlier idea wherein Jesus healed the sick and the ailing by touching their wounds. Reiki however is not divine but scientific and based on the principle of therapy by touch.

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