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Does he love me? Is he the right man for me? Can I reach my heart’s true desires with him?  We all have an ideal vision of our self, and while seeking a partner we look out for someone who will mold us in a way that will help us achieve that ideal vision.  We are like puzzles, somewhere looking for someone to complete us, but to find that ‘one perfect person’ is never easy. In the journey of looking for that one person we meet a lot of people, with different tastes, thought processes, and different natures; to know whether a person is right is not an easy task. We all make mistakes, fall down, and have broken hearts along the journey. Have we ever given a thought why someone who is nice, reliable meets someone who is mean and non-reliable? The answers to our questions lie in our knowledge of the Heart Chakra.


In life our ability to see through surface appearances is tested time and time again. Attraction can be deceptive; in the search for the right person it is often revealed that beauty is only skin deep. We can find ourselves physically attracted to people who do not share the same values and beliefs as us. Indeed, it’s not uncommon to meet someone who appears very attractive on the surface but is very different on the inside. We must learn to move beyond outside appearances and look for those inner values that we ourselves hold.  Opening the Heart Chakra is a lens with which to see the inner beauty that is inherent to someone we might not otherwise consider in our search for the right person.


On the contrary, some people meet the ‘love of their life’ and recognize them in the first instance and then go on to have a ‘happily ever after’ ending.

Is it merely luck? Some people might get hung up on these kinds of situations, asking themselves why some are able to experience happiness so easily while others endure a lifelong struggle to achieve it. It’s all too easy to dwell on why our relationships fail without ever truly finding answers. The secret to a healthy and happy romantic relationship is not luck but a balanced and open Heart Chakra.


The Heart Chakra or the fourth chakra is a chakra for unconditional love and devotion. The Heart chakra infuses emotions like love, compassions, altruism. Difficulties in love and relationship are often based on the problem that people cannot open their Heart Chakra. To be able to love freely, to cut through the shackles of pain, to experience the rapture you need to let you emotions flow freely. Art, music, dance, poetry, meditation, these are some forms of letting your heart open. If you feel you need to activate your Heart Chakra, balance your love life, then you learn more about heart chakra meditation techniques, listen to heart chakra audios and watch videos, designed to help you experience love in your life. 

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