During the 1980s, the word “attunement” was used when talking about opening someone’s pathway to universal energy. The official definition is being in harmony or the feeling of being one with another being. In order to be at harmony with anything, there must be balance within as well as existing in a receptive state. This means that you must be in receptive mode in order to be opened to Reiki energy. Reiki cannot be forced on anyone.

There are many words for a person’s energy. You may hear it called life force, ki, qui, prana or many other variations. Usui Reiki uses just one unique form of universal energy that differs from life force energy. That’s why you have to open to this particular form of universal energy. Mikao Usui was connected directly to a very strong type of universal energy but all through history people have used or connected to other forms.

Whenever you get an attunement from a Reiki teacher, there’s a shift that occurs within your body, mind and spirit because your pathway to the universe is opening to let more universal energy flow through you. If you want to be totally open so that you can be with the universe, you’ll have to study and practice for years. Mikao Usui spent years taking in all sorts of knowledge before he reached his first awakening. It was only after his second awakening following 3 years of disciplined Zen practice and deep meditation that he connected to the universal energy.

Even though the phrase “Reiki attunement” has become quite popular, many people don’t truly understand what it means. An attunement is just the first step to opening yourself to receive universal energy.

Only people that are serious about Reiki and all it has to offer can truly understand what a Reiki attunement is.

Mikao Usui never became a doctor but he did travel a path that allowed him to leave his mark on the world. While medical doctors aren’t required to study Reiki, it’s not uncommon to find trained and qualified medical doctors that are also Reiki students or masters. These doctors can apply healing in many different ways following the receiving of their attunement.

You may feel as if you’ve received the feeling of an attunement from someone that wasn’t connected to the universal energy. There are different energies inside of you that aren’t universal energies, which means they aren’t Reiki. The energy known as Reiki is unique from any other. A Reiki attunement can’t be described as any other type of energy.

Something to keep in mind is that vibrations of harmony and love that universal energy provides always feel the same. However, the person through which this energy flows can change the feeling, look and smell of the energy.If you wish to learn about Reiki and what a true attunement is like, the choice to follow this path is open to everyone. Just be aware that no all paths go to the same place.

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