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Everyone’s 1st OBE is a little different but there are commonalities that people report.

My first OBE was very low energy, it wasn’t anything like what most of the books say it’s like in which they describe grand adventures and epic spiritual explorations. The separation itself had a lot of vibrations and rushing noises which meant I wasn’t really relaxed enough for a clean exit, but I was able to make it out anyway.

(Many books say to induce vibrations but this is a mistake, vibrations are a form of nonphysical friction and you waste energy when in them. It’s much better to relax into the quiet zone after vibrations before you attempt a separation. The exit will be smoother and the OBE will be much brighter and more solid.)

I had exit blindness and could barely stand up because I had such little energy. I stumbled away from my bed and was able to get my sight working a little bit and see the nonphysical version of my bedroom dimly. I could see that it was definitely different and I was definitely not physical. For instance I had a computer on a desk which appeared to be a different shape than it was in waking awareness.

I staggered over to the window and looked out, there were a number of people in their yards doing various day to day tasks but they weren’t people who live there physically. I blacked out shortly thereafter. It was not really a grand experience but it did give me motivation to do much more exploration and see what it is that’s going on in O.B.E.s

I think most of the literature on OBEs is inaccurate in that everything that’s published has to be larger than life and very impressive in order to sell the books. However, the reality is (based on my experiences and the experiences of the large number of reports people have posted at the saltcube.com forum) is that your first OBE will probably be relatively mundane.

O.B.E.s can definitely be a lot of fun and you can do amazingly cool things like fly and walk through walls and teleport. You can basically be a superhero and sometimes they’re actually more solid and detailed than waking awareness. A few times after an OBE my physical sight seemed bland and dream-like compared to the hyper detail I’d had in the OBE.

However, for people who are starting out the first dozen or so of your OBEs will probably be pretty dull. To address this I’ve created a system show people how to have their first 100 OBEs in 100 days.

The idea is that by having a bunch of really short “micro-OBEs” back to back that you make progress much more quickly than if you have one long OBE and then stop. The system shows how to do one short OBE that only lasts a minute or so, and then immediately induce another minute long OBE. The second OBE is simple to do because you’ve already done all the hard work in entering a conscious trance in your first O.B.E.

Once you’ve had a bunch of short OBEs like that you’ll be able to have the more epic-style superhero experiences in OBEs much more easily. So even though the books on lucid dreams and OBEs are a little over optimistic about how fantastic and amazing your very first OBE will be, it’s definitely within your reach to develop your skill in stages and have as many epic OBE adventures as you want!

In the next section we’ll cover how what are the differences between lucid dreams and out of body experiences.

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